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''Some women in Louisiana are making a film about how hard a breastfeeding mother can find it when she goes back to outside employment and the employer/other employees are not supportive. If you want to learn more about the film, or learn how you can support them, please check out their seed and spark campaign. If you share this post, it counts as an entry to our Prize Drawing this Saturday! '' 

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Women and Hollywood

"Fiction is a fine line"

" Eva Contis’ “Breasts” is also based on her own experiences. Following a new mother as she returns to work after maternity leave, “Breasts” highlights the challenges and stigmas attached to breastfeeding. In doing so, it explores the greater systematic marginalization that new mothers face in the workplace. "


Dear Partners,

The Mary Amelia Women's Center is proud to announce its support of the upcoming narrative short film BREASTS.

BREASTS is based on writer/director, Eva Contis’ true story of going back to work with a 12-week-old baby.  The filmmaker’s goal is to convey to the audience how overwhelming and challenging breastfeeding can be as a working mother. 

BREASTS is a story about a competent single mother whose ability to be a good parent (as outlined by her doctor) is handicapped by society – in this case, company policy. She’s a mother powerless against a system in which the people of authority leverage a blind obedience to rules, with a complete disregard to common sense or humanity in the interest of self-preservation. It takes a woman who is in no way a victim and makes her one.

Until one has a child, the notion of breastfeeding and pumping can be a foreign concept.  Though many people support a mother’s right to breastfeed, most have no idea how challenging the task is and the insurmountable obstacles women face in the workplace.

It wasn’t until 2010, with the ACA, that breastfeeding women got protection in the workplace; but women who pump are often still bullied at work and often forced to quit through attrition or fired for demanding their rights.  And let’s face it – right now we are at risk of losing those long overdue rights.

This film explores themes of the isolation that a new mother can experience, compounded by the marginalization of mothers in the workplace and how, unfortunately, they are often pitted against other “career women”. More importantly, it’s a real account of how resilient a woman can be when the will to take care of her child overpowers any obstacle in front of her.

BREASTS is still in the fundraising stage, and much like our center, is dependent on funding from supporters who believe in our shared mission.  It is our hope that you will support this film through your donations and by helping spread the word.  You can make a donation on the film's Seed & Spark fundraising page.  You can spread the word by sharing information about Breasts The Film – search for it on any social media platforms under that name.

Thank you!

Your Friends at    Mary Amelia Douglas-Whited Community Women's Health Education Cente